Our way of thinking has not changed a whole lot since 1905

Sure, a lot has happened since 1905. A lot of machines that better facilitate and modernizes our process has been developed & introduced. But the core reason and the attention to our work has not changed since we went to work for the first time. We still look forward and has our aim set to continue at our best ability to meet todays and tomorrow’s requirements & demands in workwear.

With care for every detail

Our task is to develop and produce durable, good looking and comfortable clothes to enable you to have a great day at work. It requires us to be very meticulous and leave nothing to chance. For example, a jacket can include up to 150 different parts. They are all designed and specified down to the last detail. This is the reason it can take months before a jacket goes into production. It might seem like a long time, but if it is expected to last and withhold in the professional life nothing less is ok.

We are very proud to have our own sewers, designers, and patternmakers in house. It allows us to develop prototypes of our own designs and let a test panel use and evaluate the product in its designated field. Our decision making is made easier and our designers can spend more time focusing on meeting the customer’s demands and develop the best and most stylish garment for your day at work!

We test, wash and test again.

In house we have our own laboratory where we test the materials and accessories used on the garments in many different ways. In the lab we test all materials used, how it behaves and if they meet our high demands of quality. For example we use a machine that simulates the way the material is used and abrades, we test the way the material behaves during wash and if it moults. We put our helmets through tests after been put in ovens and freezers to ensure their quality. We know how hot or cold some work environments can get and we want you to feel safe and protected in your equipment from Björnkläder while you’re at work.

It is not only the material that counts. For us, making sure our garments are being produced in a humane way is important. That is why we are members of BCSI, an organization working to ensure that our workwear and other products are being produced under satisfying working conditions.

Because we have been at work since 1905 it enables us to keep going there for another 110 years. At least.