At work since 1905

Since we clocked in for the first time a lot has happened. We have been involved in building communities, worked on our knees in the projects, taken a beat at the workshops and helped Swedish industry conquer the world. But one thing remains the same. The need for protective, durable and comfortable workwear. That is the reason we continue to develop workwear for the reality of today and tomorrow, with concern for all our colleagues wearing them. Just like we have done since 1905.

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Our best workmates

Here you will find a selection of our best selling products. You will find everything from protective garments for people working in extreme and specialized environments, to comfortable pants designed with a more pleasant day at work in mind. All of our garments are reinforced where needed to help facilitate a better workday. For a complete list of products please visit Grolls homepage: here

Carpenter Ace


Our most popular carpenter pant. With plenty of pockets and compartments for everything you need at work. The pant is equipped with a small pocket further down the leg that will help ease your work when you are down on your knees working away. View product

Carpenter Jubilee, Carpenter pant


Comfortable carpenter pants with High-Visibility according to Class 1. With reflective tape at the bottom you gain extra visibility when exiting a car for example. Practical pockets spacious enough for everything you need for your busy day. View product

Carpenter Jubileum, Ladies trouser


Fuchsia trouser with a fit adjusted to all the women at work. They offer all the pockets and compartments to help keep track of your tools. The trouser includes a very smart double hem that allows you to lengthen the pant by only unpicking one single seam. View product


For a more comfortable workday since 1905

Since 1905 Björnkläder has gone its own way and broken new ground within workwear. We have always had an ear to the ground in order to listen in to what everyday users of workwear wants. We plan to continue that way.


J.F Bellander heads to work in Gävle for the first time with the ambition to make modern workwear. In the beginning durable work trousers, sewn by home sewers, in 34 different styles were sold.


Birger Bellander starts a new industrial school in order to educate new staff for the ever growing factory.


Björnkläder is no longer just producing trousers but now also offers a coverall that almost every quality conscious worker is wearing.


Björnkläder launches a reinforced gusset in their trousers.


Björnkläder becomes the first to launch GoreTex in Hi-visibility garments, Jackets and allweather gear.


Björnkläder develops a trouser with a pop-up pocket to facilitate easier mobile access.


Björnkläder breaks the dominance of blue workwear and introduces a fuchsia carpenter pant to their collection.


Björnkläder continues forward creating comfortable, durable and stylish workwear for yet another great day and work.